Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doesn't the flu know it's Christmas?


That's all I have to say.

Monday night I learned a valuable lesson courtesy of Murphy's law: If you stay up editing pictures until 12:30 a.m., your kid will start throwing up at 1 a.m. and continue to do so until the sun comes up.

Greyson was horribly sick on Monday night and part of yesterday, and he's still sort of wimpy today.

I thought maybe we'd get away with one sick kid because everyone else seemed okay.

Then Rowan came stumbling out this morning a little pale and smelling less than fresh. Apparently he sleeps like the dead because not even the stomach flu woke him up. He threw up in his bed and then slept in it all night. Are you glad you read my blog today?

I made it to the store to stock up on supplies, like saltines (yes, I could make my own but I wimped out) and gingerale and chicken soup. And chia seeds... but that's not related.

Jarrod isn't sick, per say, but he is droopy and lifeless and taking a nap. So we'll just say that he's feeling a bit 'off.'

I'm crossing fingers and toes and eyes that this will blow over quickly because I have stuff to do.

Important stuff like make White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut-Candy Cane cookies. Maybe the best cookies you'll ever have in your whole life. And I have to make a batch so I can blog about it because my family loves them.

Ok, I love them. Adore them. Want to marry them. Greyson told me last month that he made a promise to himself: a promise that for as long as he lived, he would never love any sandwich more than Peanut Butter and Honey. That's how I feel about these cookies. Bet you wish my kids weren't sick so I could be blogging the recipe, huh?

I also have two teacher gifts to make. Found a very cute tutorial here and I bought all the supplies. I need to get that done today because tomorrow Christmas break begins.

And there's a bathroom that needs painting because I put so many sample colors on the wall it now looks like GI Joe's hideout. Next week is Christmas and we are having my family over. GI Joe has got to go or I may freak out. Why is that whenever we plan to have people over, that's when I decide to start a major project? Anybody else do that?

For now, however, I'm finishing the last of five loads of laundry (blankets, pillows and bears, oh my!) and going to take it sort of easy. My mother always says "Will it away!" when you start feeling sick, and I think there's some truth to that. Maybe this is a good time to take some vitamins, drink some tea, and finally make some progress in this book.


  1. I seriously am starting to get worried....Heathers family, your family, PLEASE I do NOT want to be next!!! I will start eating my onions and garlic. :-)

  2. :( :( :( soooooooo sad. I really, really, really hope it wasn't from us that you guys got this. I am so sorry and hope no one else gets it, boooo hooooo!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry you're sick. That stinks!!

  4. oh, poor mama! stomach bugs are the WORST. hope everyone is feeling better soon!



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