Thursday, November 25, 2010


From a thankful heart contentment flows. 

Today I am thankful.

Thankful for little boys who wear boxes on their heads.

Who climb the pantry shelves 50 times a day and dump cereal on the floor.

Who learned seemingly overnight how to throw a raging hissy fit with penache. 

And whose eyes twinkle when their daddy holds them. 

I am thankful for little boys who are quickly becoming very big boys.

Big boys with thoughts and feelings of their own that perhaps vary greatly from their mother's. Who can now fix scrambled eggs or a tuna sandwich without any help. But who still like to dress like a ninja and roar behind a scary mask. 

I am thankful for a little boy who rocked the moves in the kindergarten Thanksgiving presentation.

The same little boy who asked his class to pray for Rowan's wart. Every day. Rowan's wart is healed.

The same little boy who decided this week that he wants to be a missionary when he grows up so the whole world will know about Jesus. 

When I asked him what he would do if God didn't ask him to go to the end of the world, but only to the end of the street, he said he would knock on every door on that street to make sure that they knew about Jesus too. 

Today I am thankful for little boys who insist on wearing a super hero cape to play outside in the frigid cold. 

Who never say "yep" or "yeah" but always "yee-ES"

Who carry a dollar bill around for a week, eating and sleeping with it, and when they finally use the dollar to purchase a pack of gum they eat the whole pack in less than an hour.

I am grateful.... no ecstatic that my husband's long season of intense work is finally over, and we have him home with us for the winter. 

It's only been a few days, and he has already been busy doing amazing, wondrous things like fix my kitchenaide mixer (which has been sitting idle for over a year.)

Man he's cute.

He has been fixing door handles, which no longer locked, and replacing them with new ones guaranteed to keep a stubborn toddler from escaping. 

He is present. He is an equal partner. And he cleaned my bathroom yesterday. That man rocks my world.

I am content.


I adore reading your comments; they bring sunshine to my day. Thanks for reading!


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