Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spidah-man, the ninja, and GI Joe

This is the first year that I havn't waited until October 31st to think about costumes. While J was out of town we took a little field trip to Walmart and I let them pick their gear. I looked longingly at clowns, and tigers, and little puppy costumes, and they of course vacillated between transformers, Iron Man, and dragon suits. It took a LONG time to make a decision, because mom kept vetoing everything evil or scary, but eventually we were able to compromise and everyone was happy. 

When we got home I said: 

Boys, those costumes were expensive. We're not wearing them until Halloween because I don't want them to get ruined.

But amidst much complaining I started thinking. 




Those costumes were expensive.

Too expensive to wear just once...

 Okay, boys, play in them and have fun. Try not to destroy them.

Hey Mom! Look at how my mask floats in the wind. Don't I look like a real ninja?

Mama! Wook! I Bidah-MAN! I fast! I shoot webs!
 This is the fourth year in a row we've bought the exact same Spiderman costume. It's always worth it, but it's too bad it doesn't last until the following year or I could save some serious moolah. 

Greyson, can I take your picture? You look so cool as G.I. Joe.

Yeah, okay, but make it quick, Mom, I've got to get back to ninja class. (seriously, that's what he said)

I only have one boy left in my power who will let me choose his costume, and that one is going to be a busy little bee. The rest of them have officially graduated to superheroes, and they are feelin' it. 

Watching them play outside for hours while their imaginations ran wild was a good reminder for me to lighten up. 

Let them play. 

Even if the costumes got ruined before Halloween, would it be the end of the world? 

Nope. This is what it's all about anyways. 

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  1. So true Kira. I have learned the same thing after all these years. Let them be happy, but remind them they need the costumes for Halloween. :) I remember all the cute little costumes I was able to put on Brendon until he had a voice. At least during his time there were the Ninja Turtles. I still have that one. :)


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