Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look out, Mom's got scissors

I've been working up the nerve for a while now, but this video at I am Momma finally pushed me over the edge. Made me do something crazy..... crazy like spend the haircut budget on a trimmer kit and scissors. Once the cash was gone there was no turning back. These boys were getting their shag removed, and I was the one doing it.

First up, Haydn Potaydn James McBean. 

 Sort of like a mugshot right? Poor Haydn. No faith in Mom's ability to do this. I told him that worst case scenario is he gets a buzz cut. That should have made him feel better.


Frankly, I was surprised we had an after with all the whining and crying this kid did about itching to death. Like the hair was trying to burrow into his skin and eat him.

This was my first time cutting hair, and I left it too long (I was skeered!) but c'mon.... definitely could have been worse. A little hair down the shirt is better than getting an ear lopped off. He didn't think that was a funny joke. 

Next up: Mophead. 


He was decidedly more chipper about the whole excursion. Give the boy a piece of gum and he's a happy camper. 

His hair was harder to cut because it was longer and straighter. Haydn's got enough wave in his hair that it's pretty forgiving. Oh well, lots of gel covers a multitude of sins. 


He approves!

This is a happy face, truly. 

So, I'm officially the family barber now. 

Cha-Ching! That's the sound of boy haircut money dropping in my happy little pocket.  


  1. Good for you! My boys usually get their hair cut when I start and mess it up and then dad comes home and fixes it. Dad needs me to do it wrong before he does it. LOL! Dad does his own too, and I usually do my own. Ca-ching!

  2. You did a fine job! Tell the boys it could have been much worse. At least they can walk out the door and go to school without being giggles at. :) I'm not sure anyone will let me near their hair around here.

  3. Nice job! Preston whines an incredible amount about the itchy hair too. I really, really dislike cutting their hair, but then I don't like shelling out the $ to get it cut either. Probably the reason why my boys always have crazy out of control hair! :)

  4. Thanks, friends! Sounds like I'm in good company with the haircutting. I just wish I would have learned a long time ago. The kiddie haircut place is now $17 for EACH kid! That's ridiculous. I have too many little heads to pay that much.

  5. Good job on the haircuts! I was wondering how you were going to go with your younger son's hair, but they both turned out really really great!

    Well done! (I need to work up the courage to try it!)

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