Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last Hurrah in the Sprinkles

Well, the rain and the fog and the cold has arrived. Personally, I'm a big fan of fall. Layering has always been my friend. But last Saturday, just seven short days ago, the sun popped in to say hello and my boys took full advantage. I have a feeling it'll be a while before we have another day like that.

It was the sort of day that required you to strip off your clothes and take a run through the 'sprinkles.' 

Or take the sprinkles for a run.

It was a good day to slurp oranges on the back porch. 

Little toddlers should only eat oranges while mostly naked. Easy cleanup.

And three-year-olds with jealousy issues shouldn't be given oranges at all. They never get eaten, but munched up to do cool tricks like this one. Usually while simultaneously trying to say "Wook Mom!"

I always wonder at this time of year how much my children will change over the long winter. There is always a marked difference between the last pictures of fall and the first pictures of spring. At some point during our winter hibernation, they grow new skills, they get taller, the babyiness thins out a little more. And even though I watch for it and look at them every day, I can't ever catch it or pinpoint the moment it happens. It makes me wonder.

Next spring, will he be tall enough to reach the handles and will his arms still look like the pillsbury doughboy?

Will he be big enough to sit on the swing?

Will he still pose like Mr. Universe?

Next spring, will I worry when he climbs the ladder to the club house?

Will he still give me this look when I ask to take a picture?

Will someone have gotten this poor child a haircut?

Will I have learned how to use a slow shutter speed to capture the maniac marching around the yard?

Next spring, will someone need to be waiting at the bottom so he doesn't kersplat?

Will these two be the best of friends?

Or will Rowan still be jealous?

Next spring, will his legs be this chubby?

Will he spend 30 minutes filling a bucket with rocks?

And will he stick his tongue out every time he concentrates?

I don't know. But change is good. Entering a new season, a new phase of life, a new dynamic. I'm looking forward to seeing what's different come spring. 

Happy hibernating everyone. 


  1. The boys are so cute Kira! I know what you mean about the changes the kids go through and how it happens way too fast in front of you. Make sure you take more pictures. :)

    I'm glad Fall is here also. I wasn't happy about the 90 degrees we were having the week before last. I'm loving my sweaters and cuddly clothes that I get to wear now. Hope your weekend is going well.

  2. Ah I liked that. Great fun with the photos and fun questions to ponder.


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