Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get Your Craft On: Harvest Wreaths

My personality type is one where I tend to be a bit of a hermit and, given the option, I'd probably stay at home all the time. I read a lot of blogs, I clip a lot of ideas to Evernote, and frequently that's where they stay. That's where my friend Heather comes in.  

She makes stuff happen. 

She doesn't allow me to say things like "I saw a cool blog post about making burlap wreaths" and then forget about it. She says "Awesome, what do I need to buy and when can I come over and make them?" 

I told Heather about this post at Jones Design Company where I saw the cutest wreath ever made with a burlap ruffle. 

Adorable, right?

Next thing I knew, Heather showed up with a gluegun, burlap, and even brought lunch~ everyone needs a Heather. Serious. 

FYI, you can get the styrofoam wreath recommended in that tutorial at the dollar store. I found that out after I spent $2.99 at Michael's. Learn from my mistakes people. 

The tutorial was super easy to follow and when we were done, Heather had a cute little wreath that looked like this (modeled by her daughter Ashlyn, whom Rowan loves... the kind of love that causes him steal her toys and make her cry). This was pre-embellishment phase, but she had to get home and my boys needed naps so we finished our wreaths separately. 

I'm not gonna lie: my first draft wreath was decidedly less cute than Heather's. This is what happens when you stray from the recommended materials and think you're going to be all cool and creative and use green burlap instead. 

You wind up with something that could be used by the costume department for the movie Elizabeth. 


 After Heather went home I took my wreath apart and used the recommended brown burlap. I think I cut my strips too wide, which is why they were  floppy and see through less ruffly than hers. Oh well! A perfectionist I am not.

I used this tutorial to make felt flowers. Super easy and something that I will do again, like for a headband. 

 And this tutorial taught me how to make simple fabric rosettes. If you click that link you will also get another take on the burlap wreath idea. All good things.   

I've had the wreath hung up on the hall mirror for the last three weeks.

But it never felt quite "finished" to me; like maybe it needed a few more rosettes and a tag. 

I also did not realize how many times a day I glanced in that mirror until I hung a wreath over it. It was good for my vanity, but also really annoying. So right before I pressed "publish" on this blog post, I took it down and rearranged. 

And hung it on the office door instead.

And now this wreath makes me happier. 

It's a fun project that I wouldn't have finished if Heather hadn't forced me done it with me. 

She's a good friend. 


  1. That is way cute Kira! Lucky you for having a Heather near by. And to bring lunch! What a dear friend.

  2. That is super cute!

  3. You make me sound WAY too nice Kira! :) I love how yours turned out. I like the fabric rosettes you created, that is a super cute look. Thanks for sharing and way to get it finished!


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