Friday, October 29, 2010

'Fess Up Friday: Holy Shoes and Satan

This week:

**I was holding Mr. B and became so overwhelmed with love for him I just had to squeeze him. Obviously I squeezed too hard, because he threw up on me. I think he was as surprised by it as I was.

*** I took a picture of my scuzzy chipped up sink before I tried out a new homemade cleanser in hopes of showing ya'll a glorious transformation. Yeah, that didn't happen. So now I'm just stuck with this picture of my scuzzy chipped up sink. 

**I had two interesting quotes from Greyson this week. The first one went like this:

"Mom, I sure hope no one in the world names their baby Satan." 

The second conversation went like this:

Grey: "Mom, this is the baddest word in the whole world. Don't ever say this." 
Me (somewhat concerned): What is it Grey?
Greyson: Goodness Heaven's Sates 
Me: What's wrong with that??Greyson (talking down to me as though he can't believe I didn't know this): Because, you know, sates is short for.... SATAN. Yep, goodness heaven's sates is pretty bad. 

I tried to be concerned about the fact that he thinks about Satan a lot, but I was too busy laughing.

***Every year my family has a "last picnic of the year." The irony is that it's usually the first and only picnic of the year. It's always in October, when it's raining. This year my mom refused to cancel even though we had to drive through a monsoon to get there. I was pretty irritated about the whole thing, but then I snapped this picture and decided it was worth it. Love you, Mom!

**I knew my kid needed new shoes but I kept putting it off. I was sure he could make it till payday, or at least until the weekend. Then I really looked at his feet this morning and saw this:

He has been going to school like this all week! And worse, we didn't have any other shoes for him so he had to go like that AGAIN!

Don't worry, he and I had a little date tonight and it involved shoe shopping.

Much better. 

Seriously, folks, anybody got something mortifying to confess? Please? I almost couldn't post that picture of his shoes. 


  1. Oh gosh, you crack me up! I am sitting here smiling at your post, and all the "snippets of life"!

    You're going on my reader ma'am!

    Thanks for the great start to the day!

  2. LOL. The part about Hayden's shoes. Too Funny!

  3. Where are the pictures of the monsoon, the covered picnic area that would have easily held 100 people safe and dry from the rain, the improvised cooking of delicious hamburgers when the charcoal grill was full of water, oh...and where are the pictures of the adventurers, roaming the many acres of uninhabited forest and meadows (well, the campground WAS empty), climbing trees, wielding swords, and riding their steeds at full speed around the encampment?

    You know, our family managed to navigate an 8 hour journey to all be together for your brother's wedding, you'd think we could get together more often for a picnic when the season is here. Let's do it!!!



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