Friday, October 1, 2010

Crying over Spilled Milk and Lost Shoes

  • I think it's funny when kids say stuff wrong. Like how Haydn calls the pizza place "Don-i-Moes." However, they have now trained me to call Quaker Oatmeal Squares "The Square Cheerios." So maybe the joke's on me.  

  • I recently noticed that I haven't gotten any voicemails since July. It didn't occur to me that maybe something was wrong with my voicemail, I just thought no one was leaving messages because they didn't really need anything. That was fine with me, I don't like returning phone calls anyways. When I finally checked into it, though, my server had 20+ unheard messages that never went to my phone. Boy, those 20 people must think I'm a total flake.

  • I made the best latte of my whole life and then raced out the door to get Haydn from school. I loaded up the boys, backed out of the driveway, heard a thump and then watched my precious latte spill over the top of my car and run down the windshield. I had to stop in the middle if the road and pick up the pieces of the cup because I'd run it over. I think the pack of teenagers loitering down the street found it pretty entertaining.

  • When I got B's hair cut last week I was armed with a copy of Us Weekly. I pointed out one of Posh and Beck's boys (I think it was Romeo... maybe we should have named one of our boys Romeo...nahhhh) and I said "Make it look just like THAT." And she did. See Jarrod, Us Weekly is good for something. 

  • There is a sick part of me that purposely lets the plants get to the point where they look sad, pathetic and wilted. Then when I water them and they perk back up it's exciting. Like I have magic.

  •  I can just squeak out a meal for our family on one pound of hamburger if I don't feed any to the baby. My 17-month-old had peanut butter and jelly for two meals yesterday. 

  • Rowan has ten pairs of shoes. We have exactly one of each pair. We also have a fun daily ritual where I scream "Where are your shoes?!" and he says "I doh' knooooooooow." And then we leave the house like this. 

Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused. What do you have to 'fess up this week? 


  1. Ok, so I do that with plants too. I put off watering them until they start to look pathetic, and then nurse them back to health. Or, John takes pity on them and takes care of them. I think it's just laziness on my part though. :)

  2. Always a joy! Was my 20 minute message from yesterday among those that were once lost but now are found;)? Also, I loved the plant magic. . .


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