Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adventures in Homemaking- Crackers

**If you came to this post specifically wanting to know how to make Whole Wheat Graham Crackers, I have written a newer post that has the step-by-steps and recipe included. You can find that here. 

**original post**

It may surprise some of you to know that Super 1 Foods has not been around forever. I know, how did they get by? Back in the days before grocery stores, moms couldn't just pop open a box of crackers and toss them into the waiting mouths of their children like bread to a flock of angry geese. Nope, if they wanted crackers they had to.... wait for it..... make them. From scratch.

Now I don't know about you, but this information shocked me. I didn't think crackers existed before Ritz put them on the map in cute little wax paper cylinders. And I certainly didn't think there was an alternative to 1.) highly overpriced chemical and food-dye laden store-bought ones, or 2.) highly overpriced and slightly subpar organic versions in much smaller packages.

So my kids have not had graham crackers in a while.

But one day I very accidentally stumbled upon a recipe for homemade Whole Wheat Graham Crackers and my mouth fell open. You can do that? Make your own crackers? Why in the world did this never occur to me before? And why didn't anybody tell me?!

So in the off chance that maybe someone else didn't know you could make your own crackers, quickly and easily and with good result, here's a couple that I've tried lately.

Whole Wheat Graham Crackers do not taste exactly like the store brand, but my kids love them and gobble them up. I read in one of the comments on the recipe that using "graham flour" improves the taste and makes it more like store crackers, but I havn't tracked down any graham flour yet. I need to check my local whole foods store. Not the Whole Foods store, we're in Idaho remember. Just the market that sells that stuff. I did try the chocolate graham variation she gives and we thought they were very good.

Update: Since I wrote this post I've changed the process a little bit. I now separate the dough in half and cook it on two baking sheets instead of one. That way you can get the dough consistently thin (with one pan it's thin on the sides and thick in the middle). Now the crackers have the official "graham cracker" crunchiness and we all LOVE them. I also use brown sugar instead of the sucanat the recipe called for, because it's a little sweeter and I ran out of sucanat. I like the brown sugar better. 

Also, when we had a recent playdate with the flu bug, I found myself without one of the two critical staples of flu season~ saltines. (The other one is gingerale in case you were wondering.) I was almost ready to actually call someone and ask them to bring us some, when I remembered.... pioneers did not have Super 1. So I googled it and we had saltines in about 30 minutes. They were not as crunchy as store-bought ones, but I think that's because I added too much butter. But even with the texture being slightly off, my boys enjoyed them and they kept them down, if you know what I mean.
This was before they went in the oven.
This is the recipe I used. Super simple if you have a food processor.

So those are the crackers I've tried. Riveting I know.

And if you're not in the mood for crackers, but looking for something more.... buttery, pumpkiny, crumbly, and frostingy, maybe these pumpkin scones will push your buttons. I know they made me happy... And fat.

Look at the icing dripping off those babies. You're welcome. 


  1. I love the fall and pumpkin anything. I did try to make a healthy no flour, no sugar, pumpkin cookie. I loved them but my kids wont touch them. I really don't understand why? They were great!

  2. awwwwww they are so pretty!
    so glad you liked them =)
    sorry about the "fattening" part lol


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