Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. Kindergartener and Mr. Third Grader

Most moms blogged about this three weeks ago. Are you tired of hearing about the first day of school yet? Too bad, my turn!

This is Greyson's first official year of school (he's one of those weird September birthday kids who missed kindergarten by like five days last year).

For three years now he's been happily hopping in the van twice a day to take Haydn to and from school. This year, finally, it's his turn.


That picture makes me laugh a little bit. Notice the redistribution of baby fat on those two. Haydn's face has gotten rounder while Greyson turned into Mr. Stringbean. That little chubby two-year-old Grey on the left just kills me. Where did he go? I think he's stayed the same weight and just shot up about five inches.

We have an accidental yearly tradition of standing in front of this tree in our yard. On the first day of school I'm usually frazzled and trying to load everyone up when I remember we need to take a "first day of school picture" and I just shout "Go stand by the tree!" 

So now we have this little collection of 
"Haydn by the tree on the first day of school" photos:


Don't mind the awkward buzz cut on his first day of second grade. That was the first, and last, time mom ever cut his hair. He does have a nice round head though doesn't he? It's because he liked to sleep on his tummy as a baby. No flat or weirdly shaped heads around here. Nope, just big round ones inherited from mom. 

Of course this year we had to get shy little Grey next to the tree too.

But don't let that shyness fool you. He's got a sassy little spazzy streak that usually results in faces like this.


While all these pictures were being taken, the other two were strapped in their car seats, just where I like 'em. I was watching Haydn and Grey climb in and interact with their little brothers for a few seconds, and I was struck by how quickly the dynamic has shifted. Now "the bigs" are gone for part of the day, and it's just me and "the littles." A second set of boys that remind me so much of the first.


In a few short years, this will all be over. The infant seats will be gone, they'll all be in school, and the car will be quiet. Sometimes, usually on days when Rowan is shouting "Who Let the Dogs OUT!" over and over again, I daydream about what it will be like. But then I look at pictures like this one...


And I try not to be in too big a hurry. Because I'm pretty positive I'm going to miss mornings when the car looked like that.


  1. The boys are so cute! Don't be rushing for the day when they are all in school. You will miss them dearly. When Em was in public school I missed her all day long. We homeschool now and I don't miss a thing that they do, even the bickering. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

  2. Wow, Kar, I am always so impressed with homeschool moms. It's like the pinnacle of super-momness. I love the idea of being involved with every aspect of their learning process, and my own mom homeschooled me for a couple years, but I think if it happens it will be when everyone is potty trained!


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