Friday, September 17, 2010

'Fess Up Friday~ Sep 17

  •  I don't know how long I listened to the audio book on my iPod before I noticed it was set to "shuffle," maybe a couple days.  I thought I was suffering from "mom brain" and kept missing stuff, and that's why I couldn't really follow what was going on. 

  • I try to keep a balanced diet. For example, chicken and salad for dinner, and then blackberry cobbler for dessert. It's all about balance. 

  • It's true, I bribed the three-year-old with a marshmallow if he would take a nap. I let him take it to bed with him. What I did not expect was for him to emerge two hours later and announce "It's all sticky," and hold out the marshmallow in his sweaty little hand. He hadn't taken a single bite, and it had made a little s'more right there in his hand. 

  • I'm reading five books at once. Maybe I have a fear of commitment, or maybe none of them are very good and that's why I keep picking up new ones. 

  • Bought a nice new bag of whole wheat flour this week. Got it home and put it next to the other brand new bag of whole wheat flour already sitting on the shelf. 

  • I got a message from Hastings telling me I had kept a movie way too long and I was being charged out the nose in late fees (that's not necessarily verbatim). When I called them they explained to me that we checked out "Benji" a couple weeks ago. I said "No, my husband bought that movie" and they said "No, sorry, he only rented it." I should have been tipped off by the $1.99 on the cover... nobody would sell Benji that cheap. 

  • I have a scar on my arm from a curling iron encounter over a year ago (that's not easy to do, by the way). Every time I look at it, I'm grateful it's not on my forehead. 

Okay, hit me with your best stuff people. And if you blog your confessions, make sure you comment with a link. I would love to see how you guys are keepin' it real. 


  1. Ok so I'll be brave and leave one. The other night I was chopping up some chicken for dinner, after putting the chicken in the pan I went over to wash the cutting board off, there were a couple pieces of chicken left on the board, and I was noticing the hot water was turning the chicken white. I almost shouted from the kitchen, "hey babe, did you know hot water cooks chicken!" When my brain turned on and I realized what I was getting ready to say.

  2. *snort* Michelle, that's so something I would do, and say out loud. Jarrod still teases me about the time when we were dating and we drove past a field of hay. I said "Hmmm, that's weird.... I swear those bales were rectangles yesterday.... how do you think they turn the rectangle bales into those big circles?"

  3. I love the one about the movie Benji! I think you need a "Fees Up Friday--the Jarrod version" one of these weeks. :)


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