Friday, September 10, 2010

'Fess Up Friday~ Sep 10

Why does it seem like my entire blog consists of my confessions lately? This is getting embarrassing. Next week I'm blogging a WHOLE BUNCH in between so maybe it won't be so noticeable and you guys will forget that I do a lot of dumb stuff. 

  • I went to costco and bought a rotisserie chicken and a giant bag of chocolate chips (don't worry, they were for different recipes). I didn't notice until I got home, and Jarrod pointed it out, that I had placed the bag of chips on top of the hot chicken. Next time you need to melt a bag of chocolate chips, get thee a chicken. 

  • I was trying to delete something on the DVR and I must have pushed a magical combination of buttons, because next thing I knew I had deleted 60+ hours of recorded shows. The bad news: all the boys in my house were mad at me. The good news: None of the shows belonged to me and I saved them from watching 60+ hours of television! 

  • During the Boise trip I was handing out bad information left and right. First I sent my dad's cousin Pammy and Great-Aunt Delores to the wrong hotel for the bridal shower and got them lost in downtown Boise, and then I told my sister with utmost confidence that a girl at the party was named Ashley. Turns out her name was Jessica. Elli discovered this after calling her Ashley for two days. My bad.

  • This week I figured out my earbuds aren't completely lame after all, I've just been wearing them in the wrong ears for six months. Excellent. 

  • I took this picture of my kids, several in fact, before I glanced down and read the sign that said "Please don't climb on the tiger." 

Okay, folks, don't leave me hanging out here by myself, what did YOU do this week that made you think "Boy, I'm glad no one saw that"? 


  1. I just found your blog and love it. You guys are too funny!

    Don't worry about the tiger thing. We have been to the Boise Zoo many times and my girls probably climbed on those tigers 15 times or more before I ever saw the sign. So we are both bad for not being more observant moms. :)

    Thanks for the chocolate chip tip. :)

  2. Hi Kar, thanks so much for stopping by! Glad to know that someone else has pictures of their kids climbing on the tiger you're not supposed to climb on, heehee. That does make me feel better :)

  3. This is just funny, not really a fess up....

    Today in the check out line at Home Depot K was shining a kid flashlight on me (which happened to shine a red kitty instead of a white light)and I looked at her and said,"Are you shining that flashlight on my belly?" She looked up and me and said in a very loud voice, "no, I'm shining it on your boobie!" GREAT - love being a mom to a three year old.

  4. LOL Selina! Yeah, I didn't put a caption on that picture of Haydn on the tiger, but he was in the middle of telling me it was hurting his nuts. Lovely.


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