Friday, September 10, 2010

Boise Trip Part 2~ The balloons

Brecken was a real trooper on the trip. Considering that he's never really been anywhere but his house, driving nine hours, sleeping in a strange crib in a strange room and eating weird food not in his highchair was really disruptive to his routine. He didn't eat a whole lot and sleeping was.... okay. The second morning there he got up at 5:30 a.m. and refused to go back to sleep. We had two options: shush the one-year-old and sit around in the dark, or get everyone up and dressed and race to downtown Boise to watch the hot air balloon festival which started at sunrise. Balloons it is!

We followed the steady stream of people to this park and arrived just in time to hear the national anthem and watch the fighter jets fly over.

Then they announced that all the balloons would begin to inflate simultaneously~ ready, set, go! At first the park was just filled with tons of people, and then slowly from their midst the balloons began to rise. 

It was amazing how close they let us get. 

These boys are still a little sleep foggy and cold. It's possible Grey needed the restroom.

Watching them blow up these balloons was really something to see. 

Rowan insisted on bringing that plastic snake. To be fair, he never dropped it once. 

I'm not sure how long it took to blow them up: 20 minutes or so? It was amazing how close together they all were.

And then when they were filled...

 ...they started to take off one by one.



And away...

There were over 20 of them (almost 30 I think)

Rowan kept shouting "WHOA, wook at DAT one!!"

Greyson was quiet. I think he was in awe.

His favorite was this rocket.

They were so close together they literally bumped when taking off. Crazy. And look at all the people. If one of those things blew over it'd be like a gigantic punching bag coming down on the masses. That didn't happen.... but I was ready. No balloon was gonna take me out. 

You see dat one, Mom?!

I see them, buddy, I see them.

It was one of the best sunrises of my whole life. Just being with my guys, drinking coffee, squishing through the cold wet grass, and experiencing something exciting together. 

Thanks, babe, for getting out of bed and getting us there.


  1. Oh my gosh Kira! You guys were directly across from us while watching the balloons! Too funny! Did you guys go back that night for the night glow? That was really awesome! I think the girls loved that the best.

    I must say that you guys live in a very gorgeous part of the state. We went up, for the first time, this past July and I was in love. I will move up there one day. Hopefully before I have to move into a retirement home or something. :) It was a quick 4 day weekend but it was our favorite trip so far in our state.

  2. Funny story about the Night Glow. We WERE at the park, but for the wedding rehearsal dinner which was on the other side of the field, so we didn't see any of the night glow. We didn't even know it was going on, but I kept asking my husband what was up with all the people! I googled it as we were leaving and realized we missed something really cool. Oh well, the food at the rehearsal dinner was good so I guess it's okay.

    We do live in a gorgeous area, and I don't think I travel enough to really appreciate it. I've often thought that we need to "play tourist" and go do all the things people do when they come visit Coeur d'Alene. Glad you guys enjoyed your time here!

  3. That is SO cool! My kids would be in awe too!

  4. Man that looks so cool, I love your photos!


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