Monday, September 27, 2010

Bird Nests and Boo-Boo Lips



Phew, was that haircut long overdue or what?

Taking a picture of the front was easy. B likes to have his picture taken. Getting a shot of the back... not so much.

I kept trying to walk behind him and he kept spinning to keep me in his sights. When I did finally manage to get behind him, he outsmarted me.

I brought a brush outside with me to give him a quick grooming. He let me brush his hair, but then insisted on having a turn as well.


Which was fine until he started licking the brush. That's just gross.

I was forced to take the brush away. He then proceeded to try to melt me into a big puddle of mommy goo with his pitiful tears and boo-boo lip.


He doesn't realize that I'm a seasoned veteran of toddler tantrums. No amount of bird-nest-worthy lip pouting will sway me.

But it was a valiant effort.


  1. That is hilarious!!! I still have a 6 yr. old that will try the pouty lip with me from time to time. Doesn't work. I just turned around and walk off. Your little guy is so cute, even with the pouty lip. :)

  2. I just found your blog through facebook! Cute haircut. Archer doesn't really need one yet, but my older 2 are in desperate need! (And we call Bryton "B" too!)

  3. I have two more that also needs haircuts, but we have to do it as the budget allows because I butcher it when I try. I finally got the lady to cut his hair the right way and when she was done I said "What do I have to say so it looks EXACTLY like that when I come back?" Apparently, it's called a paige boy. No wonder they didn't understand me when I kept describing it as "not too short."


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