Monday, August 9, 2010

Worked For Me~ Apple Cider Vinegar Wart Treatment

There was this one time, I had a bandaid on my arm for a whole year. I liked to pretend that no one could see the bandaid, or if they did, they thought it was covering up some unfortunate injury I got while doing something cool, like skateboarding. Or carving a watermelon into a baby buggy.

The truth is, I had a wart. On my forearm. Seriously, who gets a wart on their forearm? I tried everything over-the-counter I could find. Creams, freeze-it-off kits, and picking. That last one was the least effective. I didn't want to go to the doctor, because I'm cheap.

Finally, after much frustration and googling, I tried something that made the wart turn white and fall off with no pain and it only took....wait for it.... two days. And it never came back. Are you ready for this?

This is probably the stuff they bottled in the old days, slapped on a "Magic Elixer" label, and sold to housewives from the back of a wagon. Guaranteed to cure whatever ails 'ya. I knew that apple cider vinegar was good for lots of things, but the wart cure really surprised me.

You just take a cotton ball (or part of a cotton ball just big enough to cover the wart, not too big), saturate with apple cider vinegar, put it over the wart, and cover with a bandaid.  You need replace the cotton ball as needed when it dries out, once or twice a day, until the wart is gone. Make sure you use a que-tip and cover the surrounding skin with vaseline because the vinegar will irritate healthy skin. It might sting for a little while for the first day or two, but then it should stop hurting. 

You can tell it's working when the wart starts to get little black dots in the center; that means it's killing the virus. Once the virus is dead, the wart will turn white and eventually slough off, usually in the bath or something. Gross, I know, but it really does work. 

Rowan had a huge wart on the underside of his toe, and even though it was a pain to treat (try keeping a cottonball taped to a three-year-old's toe in the middle of summer) the vinegar took care of it. This is a picture I took after about 10 days. Half the wart had already fallen off and the other half fell off the next day. There was healthy skin underneath, and the wart has not returned.  

**disclaimer** I'm not a doctor and I don't claim to know anything. This is just a story of what worked for our family. 


  1. Niiiiice! Now I know why S. Hoit sent me a text referencing warts (accidentally sent to me instead of you-stupid free text app!!) ;) I had a crop of planters warts on my foot in grade school. They were good for getting me out of running but that is where the benefits ended. Wish I knew you back then, we could have been wart buddies!

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  3. Great tip! Will try this with my eldest who has a little on one his feet after taking swimming classes!

  4. Hi there, I accidentally used a whole cotton ball soaked with acv and now have healthy skin that's raised and resembles fluid or a blister under the skin...this is only after one you know how to save the good skin I didn't mean to get? Thanks

    1. Hi Gina, sorry you got the surrounding skin! :( The size of the cotton ball should be no bigger than the wart, which is typically like a pea-size ball, and putting vaseline on the healthy skin around the wart will help protect it from the acv. I am not sure how to save the surrounding skin other than to stop the vinegar until it heals and then continue. I'm sorry, wish I could be more help!

    2. Thanks for your help! The healthy skin is already looking better, I will just have to apply the acv more cautiously!

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  6. Inspired from the HPV (human papilloma virus) plantar warts might be quite debilitating and complicated to take care of. Duct tape can be recognized as a non invasive but non debilitating home-remedy and doesn't do the job with every one. Soaking the feet in apple-cider-vinegar plus applying cotton balls soaked in vinegar and then also fastened together using duct tape along with some bandaid nightly appears to bring about at the quickest & best remedy for several psychiatric rash victims.Although you should try wart removal, you can get more home remedies to get rid of warts of any kind.


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