Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a difference 12 months makes

One Year Ago:

Rowan was trying to figure out what a three-month-old brother was good for.

He was a little too big to pick up.

He looked concerned when all Rowan wanted to do was rub his head against him.

He couldn't talk or roll or do anything very exciting.

Yep, one year ago, Rowan's baby brother was pretty boring. He loved him anyways of course.


Today Rowan's little brother is a sponge for anything and everything Rowan wants to teach him. 

He likes to follow Rowan's lead.

He's handy if you need a push on your bike, because he thinks pushing things is the most fun you can have.
He also doesn't argue much since he still can't talk.

He just pushes and pushes and pushes.

And Rowan is starting to think that having a little brother might have it's perks.

Cuz 12 months really does make a big difference. 

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