Friday, August 13, 2010

It's that time again

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You probably thought I forgot that today is the day we air our dirty laundry. I didn't forget, I was just working on my literal dirty laundry. Is anyone else as tired as me today? I feel like a top that just keeps spinning even though it desperately wants to fall over. Nevertheless, here we go...

  • I like to wear sports bras even when I'm not working out because they make me feel skinnier.... you know, aside from the uniboob. 
  • My Cozi calendar says I am exercising every morning from 6-7 a.m. It is LYING to me. 

  • My three-year-old is naked so much his tan line is being replaced with little brown buns. He streaked around the block, chasing his brothers, and I didn't know about it until he came in and said "The man says I need to put clothes on." Ummmm, what man? 

  • Blogging has caused me to start taking pictures of weird random stuff, like my box and my dutch rubber broom. Why? Just in case I want to blog about it someday. 

  • Rowan didn't have sheets on his bed for over two weeks. When I finally put some on, he peed the bed, so we are again without sheets. I think I'll just wait this one out. 

  • Haydn had swimmer's ear and was crying about it, literally, and I told him to Man Up. I feel kind of bad about that. 

  • We eat too much pizza. Way. Too. Much. Pizza. 

  • My blog has been visited over 4600 times. I'm fairly certain 4000 of those were me. 

  • I signed up for and enabled the facebook app so I could see if any of my friends were on there. Then I started tagging ratings on books I've read. When I logged into facebook I was mortified to see it had been posting live updates to my page every time I rated a book. But not the ones that make me look smart like "Gone with the Wind" and "Romeo and Juliet." Nope, it says "Kira likes "Alien Huntress" Awwwwesome.


  1. you are so funny...and yes, I am exhausted today:)

  2. I love it girl! Man, I have a hard time keeping up with you. The cozi one might have been my favorite, or the photos of random things (I do that too). I think you might have inspired me to go buy a sports bra though. I haven't owned one of those in years (guess that might clue you in on how much I exercise). . . hey I could use that in my list;)!


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