Friday, August 6, 2010

'Fess Up Friday

You guys really made me laugh last week with your confessions. It's always nice to know you're not alone in the weird stuff you do that you don't tell people about! So here we go,
 bring on the good, the bad, and the funny.

  • Pandora informed me this week that I like 'tween music. They created a playlist for me specifically called "Tween Music."  That's what I get for giving the thumbs up to Taylor Swift one too many times. 

  • At the bank drivethrough I always choose the lane farthest away from the teller. I don't understand people who drive right up to the side of the building and let that little slot shoot out at them like an alligator to eat their deposit. 

  • I didn't even notice until I saw this picture that my son has been hacking on his hair. When asked about this he says "oh yeah! I cut it with the wissors!" Grrrr. 

  • Jarrod told me nine months ago that I could hire someone to help me clean a couple times per month. I've put it off because I was too afraid to have someone I didn't know (or worse, someone I DID know) come in and see my scuz. I finally found a sweet college girl and hired her to start this week. I got up at 5 a.m. to start cleaning before she got here, because I felt bad it was such a mess. 

  • I have attempted homemade mayonnaise three times now, once in the blender, once in the cuisinart, and once by hand. I got my butt handed to me by a condiment. Making mayonnaise is hard!

  • I changed my husband's facebook profile picture to this. He should probably change his password. 

  • I avoid answering the phone if at all possible because it triggers rabies-like behavior in my children, but I check my email about 50 times a day. 

  • School starts in three weeks and I still havn't turned in the kindergarten registration form I picked up in MARCH. Here's hoping there's a spot for Grey!

  •  Every time I hear or see the phrase "Hurry Up!" I flash back to being seven years old and the commercial jingle that went "Hurry up, can't be late, got a breakfast date.... with Bar-bie!" Every single time. Whoever wrote that earworm should get a big bonus. You get extra points if you didn't need to click the link to know what an earworm is. 

  • I hate Super One's 12-hour sale. If I knew when they were having it I would avoid it at all costs. But without fail, whenever it is, that's the day I show up to go grocery shopping. It's like grocery cart Nascar at Disneyland. 

  • I have unfinished projects everywhere. Gumball machine aquariums, duvet covers, chalkboards, curtains, sanded but unpainted furniture... arrrrgh

  • My hands and feet look like a really bad before picture.

Okay, those are my confessions, now it's your turn! 


  1. - My husband is on vacation this week and graciously let me sleep in this morning......but as soon as he left the room I got my reader out and read for 2 1/2 hours. I was caught but all he said was "cheater" and than walked back out of the room. I read for another half hour :)

    - I try to act like I enjoy "thinker" books but really my favorite are good old fashioned juicy romance novels.

    - when my husband asked me why the couch was wet I told him "Stella spilt my coffee". When I really forgot the mug was in my lap and when I went to stop her from touching the tv I spilt it. I know, I poor 1 year old.

  2. HA! Sarah I *love* these! I do the exact same thing with the reading in bed when Jarrod thinks he's letting me sleep in. When he walks in I tuck it under the covers real fast and pretend to sleep, heehee. To me, reading uninterrupted is more rejuvenating than sleeping any day (and I laughed when I read your second one cuz... yep, me too)

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