Friday, August 27, 2010

'Fess Up Friday~ Rowan Edition

It's late Friday night and if I don't hurry, this post title will not be appropriate at all. I'm not quite sure how we got all the way to Friday already. My last post was on Monday and I had a lot of stuff to say this week... what happened to the other days?

Today is the day where I am supposed to be 'fessing up, but I havn't been keeping track of my confessions this week like I usually do, and when I sat down to write the only things I could think of all had to do with a certain little someone. A sassy little someone who makes me slightly crazy but also supplies a lot of material for my blog, so I forgive him.

The best way to describe Rowan's personality is a Viking Peter Pan. He frequently stands with his feet spread and hands on hips, chin lifted and chest puffed out. If he had some fairy dust he could totally lead the Lost Boys into battle with pirates.


He is all boy. Rocks, sticks, spiders, and bugs are on Rowan's happy list. 

He is my most stubborn potty trainee yet. He is the first of my boys to pee standing up at this age. I walked past the bathroom and he was standing on his tiptoes to clear the rim, semi-succesfully, and it startled me. It's always got to be his way, in his time. He's doing great keeping his pants dry, not so great coming inside to use the bathroom. I'm sure if he was a puppy I would be really excited about the poop on the lawn. 

He has a little overbite.

I bought a brand-new bottle of California Baby shampoo. Ex-pen-sive. I walked in the bathroom and Greyson exclaimed "Rowan did it!"

The first time, I was annoyed, but was able to sort of  laugh about the fact that he had poured the entire bottle in the tub.


It was not so funny three weeks later, after I finally got to the store to buy a new bottle of Burts Bees baby wash, when he again poured the entire bottle into the tub even though I had put it up so he couldn't do that. So now that we're out of shampoo, again, he gets to be the first guinea pig in our family to try out the baking soda-apple cider vinegar hair wash I've been reading about. Hehe.

Today I got to follow a trail of poop smears around my house like breadcrumbs. 
I guarantee you Hansel and Gretel had more fun on their little walk.

I went to a meeting on Monday night and Jarrod was home with the boys. He "lost" Rowan and spent 20 minutes searching the house and calling for him outside. They finally located him in the neighbor's backyard, where he had snuck in to play with their dogs.

He *loves* band-aids. Where my other boys pull them off almost immediately, Rowan will keep it on for over a week and never touch it. It will literally be hanging by a thread and when I tug it off he gets very upset. Especially if the owie is no longer there so he can't get a new one.

His hair is brown like Jarrod's, but bleaches out in the summer.

He and I have some pretty good chats at night. However, he's also been known to creep out of bed 1-1/2 hours after he "falls asleep" and peer at me around corners. This may or may not scare the crud out of me. He may or may not find that hilarious. 

Right after I wrote that post on the magic cure for warts, I discovered a big one on the bottom of his toe. So now I have to actually exercise my own advice. Do you know how hard it is to keep a cotton ball taped to the bottom of a kid's toe? Even a kid who likes band-aids. Ugh.

 He still takes a nap with his puffer and his "wittle lion" because I can't get him to sleep any other way. We tried for three months, and it was a long three months, without any napping for either of us. So we compromised. He gets it at nap time, but not at night. Everyone's happy. 

He is the little guy who uses the word "duh" appropriately, but also tells me I'm pretty and that he 'wikes my hair. He challenges me. He grows my patience. He makes me laugh. He makes me cry. He keeps me on my toes.
 He is the apple of my eye. 


  1. Great pictures, Kira. He looks like a little heart-breaker!

  2. Kira, you were the apple of my eye also, Elli was the pear, and james was the peach...or vice verse depending on which one I was talking to at the time. Thank you for blessing me with these beautifully written thoughts. It is wonderful to read and see your life unfolding in magnificent ways.


I adore reading your comments; they bring sunshine to my day. Thanks for reading!


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