Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walgreens to the Rescue

Yesterday was hot. The flies were buzzing. There was nothing on tv. There was nothing to eat. There was no one to play with. The chorus of "HE HIT ME" was loud and neverending. And Mama had had enough.

So we packed ourselves into the trusty minivan (which is a topic for another day) and headed to Walgreens, which is the only store in town that still has water toys in the middle of July. I know this from past experience, and this year I didn't waste time going to three other stores first. Walgreens didn't let me down.

After unloading the boys from the van and strapping Mr. B in the stroller, my car alarm suddenly started blaring, LOUDLY. It took almost a full frustrating, embarrassing minute for me to locate my keys, which were of course in the baby's hand. Phew.

As we were walking in I informed the big boys that we were there for a kiddie pool only and they were not getting anything else. It took about two seconds for them to explain to me the intricacies of little boy banking, and the fact that I did indeed owe them five dollars and two dollars respectively, and they then pointed out that they had been waiting and waiting and waiting for me to pay up. This is when I realized that I was being uptight for no real good reason and if I gave them their money and let them spend it, I wouldn't have to hear about it ever again. That seemed like a fair deal.

Grey bought jelly beans, and for $4.23 Haydn got himself a huge new bag of army men.

Which he spent a lot of time setting up for the big battle.

He studied each one to figure out exactly how best to utilize it.

And he was a happy boy.

Meanwhile, the three little boys took a nap while I set up the pool and mowed the lawn.

When they woke up, they got out the squirt guns.

And then they tried out the pool.

And while they were doing that, I discovered that Lion, Rowan's current favorite toy, had had a run-in with the lawnmower.

Maybe he won't notice?

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