Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photoshop Rejects

The other night, when my friend Connie offered to take a picture of Jarrod and me, it came to my attention...

That we do not know how to behave in front of a camera.

It's like the camera comes out and we get nervous.

And maybe a little shy. 

And we just clam up. 

I wanted to blame this on Jarrod, so I went to my archives and started digging through old photos. 


And what I noticed...

Is that our problem is disynchronization. 

If he is smiling, I am doing something like this.

And if I am smiling, he is doing something like this.

I've scrapbooked this phenomenon.

And I'm beginning to think that Jarrod...

Has been a bad influence on me.

This is also probably why I felt so awkward on our wedding day, when the photographer asked us to pose like this.

That's just not us, Baby.

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