Monday, July 26, 2010

Painting With Spirits

So I attending a bachelorette party recently and thought I'd share what we did. Don't worry, there were no embarrassing gag gifts, such as a thong with an elephant trunk.

Been there, done that. 

This was a much more... dignified bachelorette party. 

Painting with Spirits is a local company that provides a group painting lesson. You bring your own food, drinks, and can-do attitude and an experienced artist walks you through creating a masterpiece. Or in my case, something you're not too embarrassed to hang on the wall. 

When we arrived there was a table with lots of canvases, and the finished picture we would be re-creating was up front.

When I saw this, I had flashbacks to elementary school and started to get excited.

When she handed us a stick of charcoal and told us to draw our flowers, I was a little nervous. But a few chicken scratches here and a big uneven oval there, and we were rollin'. After we drew the flower, we painted around it with blueish green.

And then we did the petals, and everyone took a sip of wine if they heard the word "brush" or "bride." My picture looked much better after that.

Next we did the center of the sunflower and the stems.

And I tried not to look at my neighbor's picture and copy her, because she is an actual artist and that could quickly get depressing. 

Meanwhile, the instructor walked around and gave pointers.

That cute smiling girl is Christine, the bride.

That frowning girl on the left is me, and apparently when I concentrate I look angry.

My finished flower was kind of cute. I really liked it.

Until I had to stand next to someone who painted the exact same flower. Then it just looked weird. But it's came home with me anyways and I am proud. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the sweet, encouraging comment. You just made my night. :)
    I love that you have 4 boys! Boys are THE BEST.


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