Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Juicebox Faux Pas

It still startles me when someone comments on my blog. Especially if it's someone I don't know. My first reaction is to look over my shoulder because someone is watching me. How did they find me!?  But as my friend Heather pointed out, if you're going to write a blog and put it on the internet, chances are someone is going to read it, dummy. Okay, she didn't call me a dummy, that was my exaggeration of the conversation. 

I commited a major blogging faux pas the other day. One of the basic unspoken rules of blogging is if you reference something on your blog that you first heard from someone else, you give them some credit by linking to their post. Simple enough.

The problem arises when you have someone like me who writes their blog mostly for themselves and never expects anyone, besides their mother and two friends, to actually read it. And that person is lazy. 

So the other day I wrote a post called App Crazy in which I talked about Cozi and Evernote, because I love them with all of my heart (are you using them yet? What are you waiting for?!). About a week later I got a comment on that post from The Juicebox Lady and I almost fell off my chair.

What's that? You don't know who The Juicebox Lady is? I never told you about her? Somebody slap me!

The Juicebox Lady is actually named Carley, and I was turned onto her website, Mothercraft Coaching, about a month ago by my friend Heather. Yes, Mom4Life Heather, who I also met through my blog and is now one of my dearest real-life friends, so I don't know why these things surprise me anymore.  

Anyways. Carley's site really resonated with me because she addresses the fact that transitioning into motherhood, especially as a "homie" (stay-at-home mom), can be really hard sometimes. It can be isolating and feel as though you've lost your identity as an intelligent and valuable individual with more to offer the world than proficient diapering skills. Not that there is anything wrong with proficient diapering skills. I am very proud of mine. But I also have a good brain and I heart technology and I don't always get to exercise those skills in the daily grind. 

Once a week Carley sends out an email, The Juicebox, which shares a new tip or trick for integrating some form of technology into your life to make it easier. I learn something new every week, and since it's only one email I am not flooded with stuff I'll never have time to get to. 

Already since I've signed up Carley has:

  • helped me get a handle on my email inbox (which had emails in it from 2008, I'm not even joking)
  • Taught me how to use Evernote for everything from furniture shopping to planning our Boise trip
  • Introduced me to Cozi, which I lurve
  • Pointed out that I do in fact have time to do what I want, I just need to manage my 168 hours better. 
So, with all that being said, my faux pas last week was when I posted that list of apps I love and didn't mention the reason I heard about them in the first place was because of MotherCraft Coaching (and my friend Heather, who told me to go there!) So now that I've given credit where credit is due and linked up the place, I feel a lot better. Phew!


  1. You are sooo cute. I love your blog and cannot believe you don't think others read it. I have been following/shopping with Heather for several years. I am a grandmother of 5 -5,5,3,2,1 years of age (from 2 families:):). It makes my heart smile when I read your posts and your boys are adorable. I share a lot of your posts with my 2 girls and my "adopted" young moms too. Keep up the great job-I have even added aperture 'cause I ADORE photographing my fabulous five. I have a way to go to get my pics as great as yours though. Blogs like your and Heather's have even inspired me and my daughter to do a blog together to encourage other moms, wives and friends (mom Keep on posting and know that you are loved:) Blessings, 'gini

  2. I hope 'gini's comment inspires you to keep writing, and not be so shocked that others are loving what you do!! No apology necessary— Heather told me about how much you were loving some of my recommendations, so I found your blog, and you really write fantastic stuff. Keep it up (we're reading...)


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