Friday, July 30, 2010

  • I watched the coverage of Comic-Con on TV and was jealous.
  • I plugged my camera into my computer to get the pictures off it, and caught myself thinking "It's time for the extraction, bwahaha." And then I realized I don't just put on a show for Jarrod's benefit, I'm truly a dork. 
  • I'm the mom who grocery shops at 11 p.m. so that I can take as long as I want comparing different jars of yeast. 
  • I bought brie cheese for the first time in my life and spent five minutes trying to pull off the fancy tissue paper it was wrapped in. Then I realized that it was part of the cheese. At least I'm pretty sure it was part of the cheese....maybe I should have tried harder to get it off...
  • My kids annoy me most when I am wasting time doing something unimportant and they are distracting me from it. 
  • Greyson has been sleeping in a sleeping bag at night for several months. I thought he just liked to pretend he was camping. When I finally asked him why he did it, he said it was because his blankets are too cold and he can't ever get warm. Whoops.
  • I let Rowan have a sippy cup with chocolate milk at 7:30 this morning to buy myself some time to finish this post. 
  • It took me over an hour to do that silly little 'Fess Up icon because photoshop kept crashing. I should have just given up but 'Fess Up Friday is catchy. 
  • I arranged a babysitter so I could take the big boys strawberry picking. Much like Forrest Gump on his shrimp boat, we own-lay c'ot fiiiive. Berries that is. Note to self: call farm before we go next time. We did get this flattering picture though. 

So let's hear it, folks, what'd you do this week that made you laugh at yourself?


  1. Kira you make me laugh!! I loved reading this it makes want to blog :) Heres a few for ya. I eat food of the floor that my kids drop on a regular basis. Yeah thats gross right! I actually really like the Adam Lambert song that you made fun of ;) I drank 2 glasses of wine before Joshys bday party...heehee. I tried to do a hand stand in the kids 3 foot pool the other day...yeah it was something! Mel H.

  2. LOL!! Oh my gosh, Mel, that's SO funny about the food on the floor. I do that too! Did the wine help with the party stress? Heehee.

  3. Thanks Mel for sharing:)! I am writing a post right now that will go live on Monday with my confessions:)!. . . .


I adore reading your comments; they bring sunshine to my day. Thanks for reading!


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