Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Confessions~ Keeping It Real

Some of the comments I got on my pita post were very sweet and complimentary and made me feel good (thanks you guys!),  so I figure now is a good time to keep it real.

Confessions for July:

*The top of my dryer looks like this:

**I made some beautiful curtains, and envisioned them looking like this (only with better lighting) at all times:
But then Brecken discovered that they make a really good hiding spot and/or tent, so they spend most of the time like this:

**I'm officially off my diet. I'm not sure when it happened, but I have a suspicion it was when I stopped eating cauliflower for breakfast and started eating pancakes for dinner.

** I wear these shoes even though they hurt my feet and make my toes sweat. Because they're cute, that's why.

**I went to the library to check out a book someone had recommended and discovered it had Fabio on the cover. THE Fabio. I checked it out anyways, and read half before I decided that sometimes you really can judge a book by it's cover. 

**I saw a roll of duct tape in my baking supplies, and I thought "Hmmm that's weird. I bet someone's been looking for that." Then I closed the cupboard and walked away. 

**I was browsing Amazon for kids music when I came across The Poopsmith Song. At first I was offended by the title, but I pressed play anyways.... and then I bought it. 

**I recently discovered I have gigantic bones. I don't know how I could get to be almost 30 and never notice that my collar bone is like two inches thick. All that good Norwegian viking blood has made me strong as an ox... and heavy like one too. 

**This is how yesterday's attempt at homemade mayonnaise turned watery liquid. Won't be trying that recipe again. 

**When I was taking this picture I was distracted by Rowan's expression and ignored the fact that my baby was holding a glass mason jar on the patio, which was then dropped and promptly shattered. 

** Last night I went and saw Inception, which was one of the most interesting and exciting movies I've seen in a long time. I fell asleep. 

**I have this lovely announcement taped to my kitchen cupboard. It was inspired by the aforementioned Poopsmith Song and drawn up by Haydn. It has Watermelon Bubbalicious inside for if... I mean when, Rowan decides to finally do it. 

*** It drives me nuts when I see pictures on Facebook that people took of themselves. I mean, isn't it a little narcissistic? Okay, FINE, I admit it. I do it too.

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