Monday, June 28, 2010

Priest Lake Adventure Continued

We brought the baby jail up because I didn't trust this wobbly little toddler around the fire and road. Did he love it? No. Did he tolerate it? Mostly. 

Behind our campsite was this forest with large fallen trees to climb on and a small creek to fuel imaginations.

We were lucky there were so many of our friends camping with us. No lack of playmates!

In the woods they found lots of cool things. Imagine my surprise when they asked for a bag and came home with a collection of disgusting germ-filled really interesting bones. Somebody told them they were deer bones. Haydn wanted to make sure I knew that HE was one the who found them first. 
And that's our friend, Hunter :)
Two families had birthdays to celebrate, so we reaped the benefits on that one. Cake, cupcakes, and balloons while camping? Score.

How great is this picture? It was taken by my friend, who is off the grid and will not be mentioned by name on the internet (but rhymes with Thumbelina...kind of). Love it!

Rowan and Kaelah had a lot of adventures over the weekend. Here he is getting his nails painted. He was pretty pleased.
Rowan is a mighty bug hunter. He hauled an ant around in the back of this bike and used it to impress the girls. 
Haydn attempted to teach Hunter to ride his two-wheeler. 
That's Haydn and little Miss Ashlyn

The campground was right on beautiful Priest Lake. It was our first trip to the beach this year and they couldn't wait to get in the water, which was crisp.

It was Mr. B's first trip to the beach ever.
It's important to stay hydrated... even if you have to steal someone else's sippy to do it.

He was pretty happy hanging out on the blanket, but then he glanced up and realized there was something down there that he needed to investigate.

Whoa, steady there, Big Guy.

You probably think I was just going to let him toddle right in.

Daddy to the rescue


I know, you already saw this one. But it's my blog, and I like lookin' at it. That's the cutest boy I ever saw. Both of 'em.

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