Monday, June 21, 2010

Murphy's Laws of Camping

Murphy's Laws of Camping, as evidenced by our first trip of the year.

1. If you go to the grocery store four times the week of your camping trip, you will still have to stop at Target on the way out of town.

2. If you stop at Target specifically to buy a certain organic brand of sunscreen and bugspray, Target will be sold out of those two products. You will then buy $100 worth of crap you didn't need, but you're in Target and it's not possible to leave that store without spending $100. It's a proven fact, and that's why I hate that store. 

3. No matter how organized you think you are, you will leave four hours later than planned.

4. When you are loading the groceries into the trailer five minutes before pulling out of the driveway, you will fumble the costco-sized bottle of maple syrup and watch as it falls in slow motion to the trailer floor. KERPLOOSH!! You will then decide that it is in fact not a time to laugh instead of cry, and sniffle a little bit while you clean it up. 

5. When you arrive at the campground after a long drive, your campsite (which was two spots down from your friends) will be flooded by a foot of water and you will have to stay on the other side of the campground. 

6. Five minutes after you set your kids loose in the woods, they will find the only creek in a half-mile radius and submerge their only pair of tennis shoes in it. They will then have white, wrinkly feet all weekend.

7. The fancy new camp grill that your husband went to the store to buy right before you left town will have a defective grill plate and you won't be able to use it. You will discover this after he spends an hour setting it up. At this point, you decide that it's okay to start laughing because of course it doesn't fit, that would be out of sync with the way the rest of the weekend has gone. And BTW, the griddle plate you bought was for a different model, so yeah, you can't use that either. 

8. If you spend the extra money on expensive organic graham crackers, you will make the mistake of reading the ingredients on the marshmallows and realize they are made from sugar and blue dye #1. You decide they cancelled eachother out and eat more smore's than you can comfortably handle. Next time just buy the bad-for-you grahams, because they probably hold up better anyway. 

On the bright side, no one got seriously injured. I don't even think my kids got a bugbite. Rowan did burn his leg on the fire once, but he won't ever do that again and he didn't get hurt too bad so I call it a beneficial learning experience. 

And they had fun. 

More pictures tomorrow. I have some smokey laundry to do.

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