Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I heart technology

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do or say you are paralyzed into doing, or saying, nothing? Yeah. That's my life right now. There is a month's worth of pictures I have been wanting to blog, and three rooms in my house screaming for a makeover. And since I don't know where to start, I've been sitting on the couch reading a book instead. I know, shame on me.

But I'm over it. In no particular order, here comes the first of many posts to appear over the next week.

Last week I got love in the mail. Remember this post? I luuuurve getting stuff in the mail. And it just so happens that all on the same day this arrived:

Wait. Don't you already have a Kindle, Kira? Why yes, yes I do. That particular Kindle has been one of my BFF's for almost a year now. I've read more books on it than I care to admit, but it only recently came to my attention that when I took it outside the words kind of disappeared on the screen. So I called my little friends at Amazon and asked them about this, and they said "I'm so sorry, we better send you a brand spankin' new one." Score! Especially since I dropped the sucker and it had hairline cracks around the screen. Before you think I'm a warranty-voiding thief, dropping it wasn't the problem; the font disappearing is a known screen defect. Anywho. 

And THEN later that same day, iMac's new buddy arrived. 

I'm sure they are going to be very good friends.

Jarrod thinks we got it for his work. Bwahahaha, silly man.

Watch out, world, I've gone wireless. Well, almost... I spent two hours on the phone with Verizon yesterday and they are sending me a new modem. So maybe I should have waited a couple days for a big dramatic declaration like that... okay, let me try again.

Watch out, World, I've almost gone wireless. 

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