Sunday, May 2, 2010


Got a couple of questions on that last post that I thought I'd answer briefly before fishing my baby out of the cupboard I can hear him ransacking. Wow, that was a loud bang.... I should probably go do it now... but Daddy got to it first. Yesssssss. What a guy.

Which nursery is it? Good question! My husband's family has been in landscaping for almost 30 years and that has been Jarrod's job for the last 15 years or so. Six years ago we opened Aspen Nursery in Post Falls.

This picture is from opening day~ I can hardly believe how little Haydn was at only two and a half.

Jarrod's parents have been running the nursery for the last six years while Jarrod and his brother Josh take care of the commercial landscaping side of things. It's a good job, but very hard work and working in Spokane adds quite a bit of drive time to his already long hours. Ever since the nursery opened, it has been my secret hope that someday Jarrod would get to work there. Well, this spring it finally happened.

It's been a bit of a tradeoff~ no more commute to Spokane, but no more full weekends off either. He's going to be working a lot of Saturdays from here on in. That caught me a little off guard (silly girl, when did you THINK he was going to work??) but we are adjusting. 

As unattractive as that picture is, it's a pretty accurate representation of how I've been feeling lately :)

Question Two: What did I do to those pictures to make them pop like that?

It's no secret that I love my Mac. Lurve it. Want to marry it. If my house was burning down it's the first thing I'd grab. After my kids... probably.

Recently Apple sent me a 30-day trial of their new program Aperture 3. They bill it as "pro performance with iPhoto simplicity." Umm, yes please! I have been fooling around with photoshop for over a year with lackluster results. I attributed this to the fact that I am using Elements instead of the full version and therefore cannot run the actions that all the "cool people" are using. Tweaking each and every little thing was overwhelming and, frankly, out of my league. So I tried Aperture not expecting much. But this program truly is as easy as they say. It can be fully manual, for those who know what they're doing and what they want, but it has some very handy built-in "presets" for people who are still learning. Here are some before and afters from my last post, so you can see what a difference the program made.

Big difference, huh? My straight out of camera pics were actually kind of funky. My exposure was off and they weren't even in focus. But Aperture saved them. You go, Apple. 

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