Friday, April 30, 2010

Visiting the Nursery

The nursery is in full swing. 

The plants are in:

And they are beautiful. We wish we could take them all home with us.

Since Daddy is there most days of the week, we like to visit and look around.

And see Grandma, who has a secret jelly bean stash just for grandkids and will also take us out and let us look for snails and frogs in the water plant display.

When Daddy's busy with customers, we entertain ourselves by racing down the rows of trees. 

Haydn usually wins:

And Grey will be next:

But Rowan doesn't give up. He runs...

And runs....

And runs.

And when he's done running, he rests.

And mom tries to make the boys cooperate for a group shot.

Silly Mama, she should know better.

If Haydn get's a turn holding Baby B, then everyone will have to have a turn.

And right before she gets a good shot, someone will think it's funny to insert a "peace" sign in front of the camera.

But she forgives them when she does manage to get a good one.

Yeah, we're pretty lucky that Daddy's work is such a fun place to visit. 

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  1. Which nursery does he work at? Do you guys own it?


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