Wednesday, April 21, 2010

March Madness

Choices to Make:

Paint and Fabric

Home Improvement Projects:
Sanding the coffee table to paint it black
American Clay: Four Days
Painting picture frames for kitchen
New paint in kitchen, living room, and hallways 

Breckie B felt awful during the week of American Clay. When he was awake, which wasn't very often, he was on my lap like this.

We spent a lot of time in jammies on the couch with a throw-up bowl nearby. 

Note to self: Standing on a stool on the counter is NOT a good replacement for a ladder. 

That was before the bruise spread around the back of my thigh and almost to my knee. Super gross.

Nine stitches in the arm after altercation with truck tailgate while rollerblading. 




Good Food:

Six-course Thai feast my mom made for my birthday. Yummo-- Thanks Mom!
Easter dinner

An unexpected gift in the mail that compliments my blogging AND doubles as a bookmark? Score!

Potty Training:

Hand to Hand Combat classes:

Minor Crafty Moments:
That's my Easter tree

Little paper mache eggs, raffia, and a hot glue gun and away we went

Invitations for Haydn's birthday party. That's a whole post in itself. 

Sheesh~ March was crazy. No wonder I'm tired and didn't get any blogging done. What's that, April's almost over too? Crap.


  1. Owie! Those bruises look painful. I love your little lizard cake (is it a lizard? LOL!) I've done some caterpillars like that with a bundt pan. Never thought of doing something like that. :)

  2. Hey Friend:), just wanted to let you know I am lovin' your updates and photos and feel so honored to have made your blog post:). ((hugs))


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