Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Traditions

When it's your birthday around here, there are a few things that you might encounter... traditions, if you will.

The first is that you are going to wake up to some sort of decoration: balloons on your door or streamers in the bathroom, or if you are you are a St. Patrick's Day baby, shamrocks will probably be involved.

You might find a small present on the table waiting for you. Like your very own frisbee "driver" so you can learn to play disc golf with Dad.  And your brother, who sleeps in his underwear, might wrap up in a Superman blanket so his nakiness is not in the picture. No one wants to see that.

You will probably get a special breakfast of some sort, usually something sugar-laden like a giant cinnamon roll, and we will sing to you bright and early. 

Then you will make a wish, and not tell us what it was.

Your brothers will be glad its your birthday, because it means they get a sugar-laden breakfast too.

You might get a silly hat to wear to school, so that people will know it's St. Patrick's Day, and that means it's your birthday.

At school you'll probably find a note a special note in your lunch.

And after lunch, you will share the shamrock cupcakes your mom made with your class. 

They'll probably really like that.

That night you might get to go on a special dinner date with just your parents, no brothers, and have a milkshake all to yourself.

And you might make a silly face with your dad when Mom asks you to smile.

Then the waitresses might come and sing Happy Birthday to you LOUDLY and watch you blush and try to hide a big smile, and they will give you yet more ice cream.

Yep, if you have a birthday around here, it'll probably be a pretty good day. 


  1. Adorable & I think the author of "if you give a mouse a cookie" would love it too!

  2. What a very special way to spend your birthday. I was introduced to your blog by Heather and I am just loving it. You have a great way of putting into words the joys in your life.


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