Monday, February 22, 2010

That did not just happen

I don't know if I'm ready to laugh about this yet or not. I'll let you know when my iPhone comes out of its rice bath. Yes, its rice bath.

Last night I was hanging out with Baby B at about 1:45 a.m. We like to do that once in a while. You know, when he wakes up for absolutely no reason and demands a bottle when I'm bored. I like to keep the lights off because it makes it easier for him to go back to sleep. However, I wanted to avoid falling asleep myself and getting a serious kink in the neck, so I was reading on my iPhone in the dark while he drank his bottle. After I got him snuggled back in bed, I took a quick detour to the ladies room because I was awake, and everyone knows if you're awake in the middle of the night you should take care of business before getting re-settled. But I forgot I still had my phone in my hand and as I lifted the lid I heard a very distinct splash. The sound of a brand new, less-than-two-month-old iPhone taking a dip in the loo. I don't think it even had time to sink before my ninja moves had it soaring back out, but the damage was done.

Jarrod heard the splash and the subsequent expletive and laughingly says "Did you fall in toilet!?" and I sighed and said "I wish." No, I just dropped my $200 phone in the toilet.

So this morning I googled "iPhone in the toilet" and found a thread on the Mac forum filled with people who had done the same thing. Hallelujah I'm not the only one! Misery truly does love company. There was a variety of horror stories, including people who had sent their iBabies through the washing machine, the pet bowl, the ocean (note to self: texting while swimming in ocean is baaaaaaad) and of course, the toilet dummies. Surprisingly, a lot of them still have working phones after the insides got good and dried out. There was a lot of recommendations, but the most popular one was to stick your phone in a nylon sock and then inside a bag of rice and forget about it for 48 hours. Apparently rice is the poor man's silica gel.

So here's my bag of rice.

And here's my bag of rice hanging out on the lamp to try and keep it warm and dry. It's like incubating a freaking egg.

The hardest part in all of this? Not opening up the bag of rice every hour to see if it's fixed my phone yet. They say a watched bag never dries out the iPhone. You know how this makes me feel? Like I won the lottery two  months ago and they just called to tell me they made a mistake and I need to give all the money back. *sigh*

I am feeling optimistic though-- my friend Heather stopped by and when she heard what happened, she laid hands on my bag of rice and prayed for my phone. That's a good friend.


  1. ;) I've got nothing but love for a girl that can use ninja moves at 1:45 am. So happy to be texting freely with you once again!

  2. Ha! Found your blog through Mom4Life
    This is a great post - if it makes you feel anybetter about the phone vs toilet issue you can hear my story:
    I work in radio and was assigned a remote on a Saturday morning at Menards. I took the Brand New Work Cell phone to this remote (we are able to override our computer system and go right on the air with only a phone call - pretty sweet).
    I arrived early enought to introduce myself to the staff and run to the bathroom before starting the 2 hour remote. I had the phone in the pocket of my windbreaker and when I was finished peeing I leaned over to flush - yup - you guessed - phone not in the jacket any longer but in the stool - while the stool is flushing! Aaarrrggghhh!
    I tried to grab it but the super-duper potty at Menards sucked it down - never to be seen again! aaarrrggghhh - again!
    Long story but just so you know you're in good company!!


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