Saturday, February 27, 2010

I would just like to say...

It has come to my attention that there are a LOOOOOOOT of smart, creative, thrifty, well-spoken, artistic, inspiring women in this world. And luckily for me, most of them have blogs. Decorating blogs, scrapbooking blogs, coupon-clipping blogs, babyfood makin' blogs, being-a-mom-of-many-boys blogs... oh I feel so lucky.

Back in the day, how did women learn things? Well, if they were fortunate they probably learned a lot from their moms and grandmas. And their immediate circle of friends. And they probably got together at quilting bees and church socials and gossiped and shared recipes and did all the things that we do now but it in dresses instead of jeans. I'm sure those dresses were a lot more forgiving to post-partum behinds too.

But their sphere of inspiration could only be so big.

Which is why I'm grateful to live in the year 2010, where you can find with a few clicks of the mouse literally thousands of women who are experiencing this journey of motherhood and life. And they are sharing it honestly, without pretense, and offering to others their own personal talents. I spent a lot of time today just blog surfing, and I am so crazy inspired. Thanks blogging girls, expect good things from me soon.

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