Friday, February 12, 2010

Boys Live Here

I want you to look carefully at this picture and see if there is anything that doesn't quite belong. 

I know it's hard to spot, because really, a rustic log does seem like the perfect place for a playmobile knight to dangle precariously from his hunting knife.

Finding things like this around my house is one of the perks of being a mom of boys. Because that's just funny. And unexpected. Although, after almost eight years, I really shouldn't be surprised by this evidence of boys' existence in my life. Along with the words "No Baby" written in wobbly letters on Haydn and Greyson's door and the Bendaroos in the shape of a spider web stuck just above it.

I havn't been blogging much this week, but don't worry, I havn't fallen off the blogging wagon. I've just surrendered my office to Baby B's pack-n-play so we can have our bedroom back. We sleep better for it, but I havn't figured out when exactly I'm going to get my computer time in. Yes, it's very important, I know.

It's also been busy around here. The kind of busy that you can't nail down to a specific event, you're just tired from life.

In the last week:

I worked out six days a week at the Kroc Center-- go me! And my body got my letter from the last post, and I think something is happening, which is a relief because I was starting to think the last baby broke my metabolism. Heading there every day is fun, but it eats up a lot of time and it's tiring.

I burned my arm with the curling iron. Yeah, my arm. That was a first. And it was a big-barreled curling iron so that sucker is huge.

Baby B said his first word. My nine-month-old pulled out his puffer and deliberately dropped it, and then clear as a bell announced "UH-OHHHH"

Rowan discovered Potty Power and has been potty training himself. We don't stress about the potty in this house... one day they all just kind of figure it out.

Greyson and I made valentines for his class. They turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so meself.

J and I decided to do a detox cleanse together. It's only seven days, no biggee right? Yeah, tell that to the man who was ready to quit on the second day because he was certain he was peeing an abnormally high amount and it would certainly result in dehydration and serious complications if he didn't stop. I told him I was pretty sure he wouldn't die from frequent urination, but if he got to that point I would drive him straight to the ER. We're still doing the cleanse.

Jarrod had a serious "man to man" talk with Haydn about certain things~ not the FULL talk, but I know man parts were discussed. Anyways, I happened to overhear, as I was hovering by the door, the following  snippet:

J: You can ask me anything you want to at any time. Do you have any questions for me?

Haydn (after a thoughtful pause): Weeeeeeell, I have been wondering about something. *big breath* (this is the part where I expect something very deep and slightly embarrassing to come out of his mouth)You know how mammals are warm blooded and reptiles are cold blooded? What do you think birds are? Cuz they lay eggs, so they're not mammals right?

Lately Baby B has been doing a lot of this too. He just learned to crawl, and we are already on to furniture surfing.

It was a week full of typical Greyson moments too:

In attempt to curb Grey's "fibbing" I told him the story of the boy who cried wolf, then I waited expectantly for him to have an epiphany. He nodded and said "I don't think I should ever live near a mountain."

We were discussing how God lives in our hearts and I told Greyson "yeah, God is in your heart, and mommy's heart, and daddy's heart..." and he interupted me with "Wow, He sure is stretchy."

"Mama, Haydn says that since I love Sonic, I don't love God, but that's just not true. I love God 23-38-90 outer spaces, but I only love Sonic one outer space. I don't want Him to be sad. If I get a piece of cake, I want to give it to God, because I want to show Him I love him. Or I could paint a heart on a skyscraper. But it has to be big, so he can see it."

Yep, it was a busy week. I lost my keys and thought I was stranded at Costco with my already-purchased items. I wandered the store for a while, anxiously turned in my name at the customer service desk in case someone found them, and then stood there like a dummy trying to figure out what to do. Then I stuck my hand in my hoodie pocket... yep, there the whole time.

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  1. I love reading your blog! What a delightful ray of reality you live in. I am beginning to adapt my life to Lego guys. I am not a fan. I have a patterned area rug where they lurk, waiting for the moment I remove my shoes and then Whammo, some random part of their anatomy punctures my naked foot! Grrr!! Maybe I need a rustic log or two!
    Bless you and your wonderful fellas!


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