Monday, January 18, 2010

Love in the Mail

Usually when the doorbell rings at 2 in the afternoon, it means one of two things: someone sent me love in the mail, or someone wants some money from me. The best days are when you open the door and discover an unexpected box, either because Auntie Joan remembered your un-birthday and sent you something just because, or because you forgot that you ordered something on the internet. 

Auntie J has a gift for making the package immediately appealing. Instead of paying for a shipping stamp, she will usually use an assortment of nine or ten unique and wonderful stamps like these. 

I mean really, who has an I Love Lucy stamp? It really made me smile. And it made me appreciate the effort it takes to send a real letter or package, because so few people know how to do it anymore. The art of tangible correspondence is a novelty it seems. She and Uncle Dan will take the time to package up something simple, like a calendar, and send it on its way to us all the way up in the boon tillies of Idaho. 

And my boys have now been trained that when the doorbell rings unexpectedly, they will usually ask "Is it something for me!?" And sometimes, on a very good day, it is.

Thanks Auntie, we love you.


  1. Love that, I agree, mail is a great pick me up! Trent and I used to send letters to each other when we were dating and we used random things like paper plates folded in half and stapled shut as the envelopes. It was fun to see how creative we could get:).

  2. Uncle Dan is the mad stamp man. I love stamps, too, but they would be coordinated in some fashion. Thanks for the shout-out.


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