Sunday, January 3, 2010


Over the last year I've learned...

*that the prayers you offer up in the silence of your heart echo just as loudly in the throne room of heaven

*that God answers those prayers in His time, in His way, and usually not the way you expect

*that when someone prays for God to show you in a tangible way that He loves you, three weeks later a delivery truck will show up with new fully paid-for couches that you longed for but crossed off the list because they were absolutely not in the budget. The exact couches that you wanted, but someone else bought without knowing this.

*that if you pray for a girl, you might have all boys, not because He doesn't hear or care, but because before the foundation of the world He had planned for those little boys to come into existence and be raised by you. That there is a grieving process you must go through to re-adjust your thinking, and that is okay. That not everyone will understand this. That your own children won't understand this and will say things like "If you want a sister, you have to pray for a brother because when I pray for a girl we just get another boy." And it might make you cry. And it might make you angry and feel like ignoring God for a while.

*that every child is unique, and that each moment is precious because they will never be as small as they are right this minute

*that a true friendship is one where you can admit something shameful and shocking, and they will hug you and pray for your and support you, and really not be shocked at all

*that being a mom to four boys is a really hard job and it makes me feel kind of lonely a lot of the time, but as soon as J comes home I forget that I felt that way

*that my husband is much much better with money than I am and should have been in charge of the finances from the very beginning. It is so much more fun when he does the budget.

*that I enjoy editing other people's writing and should have gone to school to be an editor. I love to read, I might as well get paid for it. This may be something I pursue when my children are older.

*that I like paranormal fiction

*that OPI makes the absolute best nail polish and Hawaiin Orchid is my favorite color

*that my friends are the family I chose for myself, and they are special

*that buying an entertainment center at a garage sale for $40 can be a catalyst to transforming your home

*that I am a technology geek and would be lost without my iMac, my iPhone, and my Kindle

*that I like the color orange

*that shopping online for Christmas is way more fun than fighting the holiday crowds

*that when you halfheartedly pray for God to do something, He might reply in a still small voice that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than you ask or imagine

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