Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've been waiting for the big reveal of this beautiful baby. Sneaky Apple. It wasn't called the iTablet or the iSlate like everyone thought. Behold, the  iPad.

It is 9.7 inches. Much, much bigger than an iPhone and even bigger than the Kindle, but still 0.5 inches thick and only 1.5 pounds. Apps, e-reader, digital photo frame, surf the internet, email, read magazines in COLOR, blog on the couch ~ oh, the possibilities! And coming in at $499, consider it at the very tippy top of my Christmas list. Santa, can ya hear me? 


  1. Pretty darn cool, I'll admit it!

  2. I expect that there is an Ipad in your future, although I think they should have named it the IWish. Has anyone mentioned what a fine blog you have created? Funny, sweet, clear, loving, real, clever. You write well. Your pictures are fresh. Definitely "kissing the joy as it flies!"

  3. I so want one too, I was on the fence for a Kindle or Nook, but now I gotta have the iPad, cuz I love my iPhone Julie F-F-B talked me into Bobbi O.


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