Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals, not resolutions

I'm not one to make New Year resolutions, but I am a big believer in goals. The power of making a list is evident in the things that we've accomplished over the last few years, many of them which seemed impossible when we wrote them down. Putting them on the list was almost a joke to us; but looking back, there are very few things that we wrote down as a goal that hasn't come to pass.  So with that in mind, here are some of my goals for 2010:

  • Increase my repertoire of recipes that I am comfortable with and confident in so that hospitality will become easier for me. I'd like to try new recipes more often.
  • Plan meals in advance to save on grocery bills and dining out.
  • Paint the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, and guest bathroom. 
  • Learn how to re-finish furniture.
  • Learn how to use a power drill so that I can do more things around the house myself 
  • Complete a shutterfly photobook
  • Take some classes from
  • Support Jarrod as he budgets our way to a debt-free life 
  • Get back into my jeans
  • Take a Zumba class and start swimming laps
  • Go to more garage sales 
  • Follow through with the projects I think up, even if that means learning how to do something new
  • play with my boys when they ask
  • Ask for faith to realize the sovereignty of God
  • Date my husband
  • Two words: Storage Solutions
  • Get inspired, discover what I love, and bring it into my home
  • Discover who I am, and do it on purpose

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