Monday, January 11, 2010

A few Favorites from 2009

In my opinion, as long as it's still January it is not too late to do a "review of last year" post.  Just a few favorite things from 2009.

Most Used Websites:

1.  I do just about everything on this website, shopping for everything from rolling pins to digital cameras. I got a free three-month trial of their Amazon Prime, which means free two-day shipping on my purchases, by buying a copy of Jane Eyre for $3. That's a good deal... and unfortunately, another excuse to do more shopping :) I also love to read book reviews here and search Listmania lists to find great books. I have found some truly excellent books that I otherwise might never have read.

1. Swaptree  List the books, movies, cds you have that you don't want, and then make a list of the ones you DO want. Swaptree does the rest by matching you up with someone else who has what you want. Then you each pay the media-mail shipping rate (about $2.50 average) to send your item and that's it. Exchanging books with strangers for just the price of shipping. I've traded over 40 items and only had one bum deal where the person didn't send the item. Love this system.

3. Endless Okay, I didn't use it all the time, but when you need the perfect pair of shoes tomorrow, this is your site. Free overnight shipping, thousands and thousands of shoes, and free return shipping if you don't love 'em. Can't go wrong. I bought these soft-as-down baby booties there. Baby B wears them almost every day.

4. Mom4Life  You might think I'm putting this up because my friend owns it, but you would be wrong. I actually met my dear friend Heather BECAUSE of her website, and I was a customer first. Love that all the products are mom invented, and she offers free shipping anywhere in the US. So if you have a baby shower on Friday, order on Wednesday and you've just saved yourself a trip to the store with your kids AND you'll probably have the most unique gift at the shower. I'm a big fan of free shipping-- just makes me happy.

5. Alice I havn't gotten to officially use this website yet, but in 2010 I'm definitely planning to. Get all your household essentials (toilet paper, cleaning products, etc) and the website will search the net for the coupons you need to get them as cheaply as possible. And it's-- you guessed it-- free shipping!  Never having to lug home a costco-sized thing of a toilet paper again? Yes, please!

Favorite Authors This Year
1. Paullina Simons (Bronze Horseman trilogy)
2. Jeaniene Frost
3. Kim Harrison
4. Karen Marie Moning (Just the FaeFever series, not the cheesy highlander stuff)
5. America's Test Kitchen Family Baking book-- the book that restored my baking confidence! Everything I've made out of it has been super yummy, and they have pictures of what NOT to do, which is exactly what I needed.

I got stuck in a paranormal fiction rut and read just about all of it this year. In 2010 I think I'm going to pick a new genre and see what I can find. First up is the Tailor's Daughter by Janice Graham

Favorite Songs from the Year
In no particular order

1. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
2. Bubbly by Colbie Callait
3. Say Hey (I love you)
4. The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

Really, just about any song on my playlist is a favorite. I only put ones on there that I really love.

Favorite Products/Purchases

Rosebud Perfume Company Strawberry Lip Balm -- Smells yummy and really really works

This painting from Pier One Imports 

It was the inspiration piece for my new office upstairs, and we've been building the room around it. More pictures when I get the rest of the room finished. Two more pieces of furniture to paint and things to put away.

This CUTCO knife block I purchased to help my brother become the "first intermountain office in Cutco history to do a million dollars in sales in one year." I'm so proud of him. He had only four hours left until the deadline and he called and asked if we needed anything. I would have said no, but much to my surprise Jarrod ordered me this and pulled money out of savings to do it. I wanted it to say "Sister of the Cutco King" by Jarrod insisted. I'm kinda glad he did. Because James may not always sell Cutco, but I hope to live up to that plaque for the rest of my life.

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  1. Wooooo hoooooo!!!!! Love that list of websites!!!! (one in particular;) he he he thanks friend, so happy that Google brought us together ((hugs))


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