Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eight Months and Counting

Little Mister B is growing like a weed. Eight months already (probably more like eight and a half now) and, as the cliche goes, changing every day.

Look at those chubby arms and cankles. It's okay if you want to bite him, everyone does when they see those rolls. He's like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and nobody can resist that plump little fellow's tummy.

Look at this poof of dandelion hair that came out of nowhere. A couple months ago he had a nice soft little cap of hair, and then one day I picked him up and realized he looked like a duckling. POOF!

He really likes this Bumbo seat. He's been happily sitting in it for months on the counter. Not all in a stretch, just a few minutes a day. Wouldn't want you to call CPS on me.

However, he has discovered that if he arches his back and twists just right he can plop right out of it. Almost gave me a heart attack one day when I saw him flopping on the kitchen table like a perch.

So now we keep Baby B entertained with kitchen utensils or food while he is in the Bumbo.

And somebody is watching him at all times.

Thanks to all that time in the Bumbo, Baby B can now sit on his own and play with toys in the living room too. This is much easier on Mama's nerves, and if he's been fed and napped recently he'll usually play like this for quite a while. I've never had a baby who could do this. None of his older brothers were very interested in sitting and playing with toys. They usually just fell over. And then they started army crawling to get around. And then they stood up and walked away. It's really nice to have a sitter.

But don't let all those pictures of him sitting by himself fool you. This little guy is a cuddler and prefers to be held over every other form of entertainment. If someone would just cart him around all day he'd be a happy boy. And Mama's back would probably be a lot stronger.

He has learned to love his car seat. There were a few months there in the beginning where he'd just cry when you put him in and not stop till you took him out. But he's finally figured out that we're going whether he cries or not, so he looks out the window and coos and growls and smiles at his brothers and generally imitates a perfect backseat passenger. Unless you go to the carwash. He really hates the carwash.

This month he:
*started sitting up
*started crawling (no pictures yet)
*really got the hang of solid foods and is having three square meals a day
*started taking a bottle
*got moved to another room to sleep at night. His pack-n-play is in the office at night and we are all sleeping MUCH better for it
*discovered power cords are really fun to pull on, and boy does that make his mom move fast
*noticed for the first time that the carpet harbors all sorts of interesting things, such as old cheerios and legos
*realized that he really doesn't like it when his brothers people take things from him and he can express this with loud squawking and dramatic tears

I love this baby, who is now closer to his first birthday than infancy, and I'm trying to treasure each little moment. This the last baby I will have, the last chubby little body I get to snuggle and kiss and dress, and he will never be as small as he is right this minute.

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