Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conversations With Grey

Greyson: Mom, do you know that Ko Nitchi Wa (sp?) is how you say hi in Hawaii?
Me: I think you mean Japan.
Greyson: Nope. My teacher says it's Hawaii.

How much are we paying for that preschool again?

Greyson: You wanna hear a joke?
Me: Yep.
Greyson: What did the alien say to the plant?
Me: I don't know.
Greyson: Take me to your weiner.
Me (after much giggling): Do you mean weeder?
Greyson: Nope. Take me to your weiner.
Me: Well, I think its supposed to be weeder because sometimes plants are weeds, and aliens say "take me to your leader" So why don't you try it again.
Greyson: Take me to your... vine?

After earning 50 cents doing a hard chore, Greyson gave me repeated hugs. After a few times, he says "Mama, you know why I feel like huggin' you? Cuz you gave me some cash." 

The other morning:
Greyson: I wish Breckie was God.

Me (somewhat concerned): Why?

Greyson: Because then he'd be in our family, and we could see him all the time! And I could roll around and play with him.

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