Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Smackee Awards

This is hopefully going to be a new annual tradition, on par with the Dundees or the Kid's Choice Awards, but without the green slime. What did they call that stuff anyways? Even Google didn't know, I checked. Wish I could take credit for this idea, but I blog-lifted it from Liz Kartchner and tweaked it to reflect my own personal Flav-ah.

Best Green Juice Mustache

Best Sneeze

Best Ump-Lumpa Impersonation
(he was jaundiced... don't worry, he's normal color now)

Best Place to Kill Time
Aspen Nursery

Best Impersonation of an Aspen Landscaper
Spirit Week: Dress-Like-An-Adult Day. That's pretty much what Daddy looks like on his way out the door too.

Saggiest Diaper

Weirdest Phase
That's the one where Rowan would fall asleep in random areas of the house, typically after we thought he was safely tucked in bed for the night. This was just a quick nap on the stairs.

Most Well-Meant yet Annoying Note
This is the flower boquet I received from Grandma Georgia after I had already been in labor for almost 24 hours-- it said "I Love You--Hurry!!" Yep, I'll get right on that. I've just been messing around up till this point.

Best Moment to have a camera in your hand

Beverage of Choice for 2009
And then the baby came out and I never wanted to see another lemon again. Weird.

Most Excited to have a new Brother
Just had parent-teacher conferences with Grey's teacher, and she said that Brecken is Greyson's most favorite person in the whole world. He's all Grey talks about at school. From the moment he knew a baby was in my tummy, Grey was smitten.

Best Candid Pheobe Moment

She would probably kill me for posting it-- but you have to admit, that's funny. And Josh with his "Back to the Future" shades is pretty entertaining too.

Best Martini
While I'm posting unfortunate shots of family members, this one makes me laugh every time. And those Lemon Drops were gooooood. I only drank a third of mine and had to sit down. I'm a lightweight. Figuratively speaking.

Most Hair Lost
This award goes to Haydn. I've never cut my kids hair before. I've never used barber clippers before either. But when we were getting ready to leave for VBS and the house was in chaos, I decided it would be a good time to give him a buzz cut. Yes, the guard fell off in the middle of a pass. Yes, he had a minor bald spot. Yes, he asked me if he looked like a dork. Yes, I resisted the tempation to reply in the affirmative.

Most Visited Fast Food Chain
Should I be proud that I have a picture of a Wendy's menu? Probably not. But when you need chicken nuggets in a hurry, this place won't let you down. You don't even have to stop at the window. Just sort of roll by and they throw your food at the car.

Most Unexpected Surprise
The day I didn't want to go to MOPS because I was tired and huge and my kids were misbehaving. But I went anyways, and my friends there surprised me with this adorable diaper cake and a gift card to Target that they had all chipped in on. And my friend Heather gave me a 15 minute backrub that was maybe the best of my whole life. For days afterward it made me tear up a little just thinking about it.

Best Shiner
A header into the corner of the patio-- ouch.

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  1. Ahhhhhh LOVED the photos (biggest diaper was AWESOME!!!) and was so touched to see that the massage was so well received:), love ya girl.


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