Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Again

It's busy around here. Baking, cleaning, eating, cleaning, playing, cleaning, spanking, cleaning... and on it goes. We have a two year old loose on the premises, which is the equivalent of a leprechaun. Cute and jovial until you tick them off, and then watch out. I have a whole post documenting this fact all planned out, but that'll have to wait. He was sitting next to me while I typed this, pulling packing peanuts out of a box and happily snapping them in half. I told him to go help Daddy get dressed (Jarrod is still in bed) and he lit up like a Christmas tree and ran away saying "Oh yeah! Hep Daddy DRESSED" He is a helpful leprechaun, but only if the job is appealing.

The agenda for today includes:

** Baking Amish friendship bread with my friend Selina. It's our annual tradition.

** Baking four dozen cookies for the cookie fundraiser at church. The ones i made last night are not so tasty *sigh*

** Making French Toast casserole and putting it in the fridge for MOTS tomorrow morning.

**Recovering from the amount of baking I have to do today.

** Hanging curtains in my new office. The curtains that have been purchased for two weeks on the wall that has been painted for a month. Time to wrap it up already.

** Stalking the Basic Grey website until they officially launch their new digital line like they promised they would do today. Well, it's 7 a.m. Pacific coast time and there are no digital elements up yet-- I've been waiting daaaaays for this! Digital Basic Grey is enough to push me firmly onto the dark side, er... digital side.

They are my most favorite scrapbook paper company, and the appeal of purchasing their papers ONCE and re-using them forever is just too strong. I went into my local store and they are feeling the heat of digital competition. The shelves are kinda bare and they are putting in a "digital cafe," which really just means you can lug your laptop in and sit in their store while you use it. There is something magical about a real sheet of paper so pretty you would rather hang it and frame it than cut it, but I'm afraid that the digital age is coming for the paper industry.

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