Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cookie Bliss

With all the baking we've been doing around here, we've been doing our fair share of eating too. The boys *LOVED* decorating the sugar cookies I made. Theirs had everything but the kitchen sink on them.

Daddy also helped and spent more time than anyone creating his masterpieces. 

Whoa, the white balance was off on that last one. Probably should have corrected that in Photoshop but I just don't care that much.

This is the one that he spent half an hour on-- Get it? Home is where the HEART is-- yep, he can be sappy and sentimental when he chooses. And yes, the "snow" is individually placed blue sprinkles. Like I said, serious time investment here. The man has much more patience than I do.

This is the cookie he made in honor of Brecken. This is the baby who has slept on his tummy since birth, and will only sleep that way now. However, now that he is rolling, when he doesn't want to sleep he flips over on his back like a turtle and cries and cries until someone comes to get him. Jarrod started wrapping him in the "Brecken Burrito" which prevents him from rolling and in turn gets him to sleep in two minutes flat. So, that there is a baby in a BB, the Brecken Burrito.

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