Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just get it out

Can't seem to stop long enough to put together a coherent thought, let alone a blog post. Figure it's time for another round of confessions, and then maybe I'll jump back on the blogging wagon:

** I've gotten snagged on the new series on the WB (or is it the CW, I forgot), called "Vampire Diaries" Last week I let Jarrod watch it with me but he wasn't allowed to comment at any time. He did very well. No snarking or scoffing at all, and this week he asked what time "our show" was on.

**I started reading Clan of the Cave Bear because I can remember my mom reading it when I was a little kid. I picked it up and tried to read a page back then, and couldn't understand any of it. I have been reminded of that over the years and how annoyed I was that I couldn't handle it, so I went to the library and checked that sucker out. Still in chapter two, because it reads like a history book. Ugh. (by the time I actually posted this I had given up and returned the book to the library. I decided that there are a million other books out there to read, I could let this one go)

**My baby is starting to growl like a baby tiger. He isn't mad or upset, he just likes the sound of his own voice. He does this really weird mix between a dove coo and a bear growl. It cracks me up.

**I forgot it was picture day at Greyson's school and I actually licked my hand to slick his hair down. yep, I have become my mother. She was the one who thought it would be a good idea on picture day to braid my hair and then cut the bottom of the braid straight across, so it would be even-- ummm, the braid had to come out eventually and my hair was most definitely NOT even.

**When I want Rowan to go downstairs and play I've gotten in the habit of telling him it's bedtime. That kid takes off like a rocket and I don't hear from him for a while.

**I've continued to use the expression "Son of a Crapper" because it makes me laugh. Jarrod was present the other day when I cut my finger and employed my new euphemism. He nodded and said "That's a pretty good one-- because who ISN'T a son of a crapper?" HA!

**Haydn had a friend over the other day and Jarrod and I got into a tickle war in the kitchen. Haydn rolled his eyes and says to his friend "They are ALWAYS like this" Strangely enough, that made me feel good.

**I started this post two months ago and just found it in my saved stuff. Considering I havn't posted anything else in forever, this is going up. I keep waiting for the blogging fairy to come along and magically transfer all the posts I've done in my head while driving, but she's backed up with it being Christmas and all.

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