Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Road Trip!!

So we bit the bullet. We took the plunge. We strapped four children, including an infant, into a borrowed SUV and drove to Portland. It only took us 10 hours or so and we survived! We actually did better than surviving, we had fun.

Are we crazy? Maybe a little bit.
They boys all had very good attitudes and enjoyed watching DVDs in Grandma Roxanne's car (thank goodness for that DVD player, it made all the difference.)
We stopped at Multnomah Falls on the way home and took a mini hike up to see the waterfall. I've been driving past this on various road trips since I was a kid and have never gotten to stop, so it was exciting for me as well.

We walked the .2 miles up to this bridge.
While we were in Portland we went to the New Frontiers conference, which was held at George Fox University. We were able to stay on campus in the dorms and we enjoyed walking to all the different events because the campus was so pretty. This bridge was right by our dorm and my friend Connie took these pictures for us.

We were loading up to go home and had just found out we'd locked our keys in the room and would have to wait for a campus security person to come unlock it for us. We were a little grumpy and tired, so she had to practically drag us down to the bridge to take the pictures, but I'm very glad she did. We look happier than we actually were, and that's all the matters right, hehe.

The focus was off on this one, but I actually really like it. That was a really cool bridge with a creek way down below it.

Rowan was a relatively happy camper for the whole trip. He slept in a bed for the first time and only fell out of it twice. When we were two hours from home the cranky bug hit, though, and he started randomly shouting the word "NO!!" to remind us that he was still strapped in the back and was no longer happy about it.

Hopefully more to come tomorrow!

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