Saturday, July 18, 2009


Confessions of a blonde mom of boys:

*This morning I repeatedly put a pacifier in my baby's mouth, even
though it made him gag, in the hopes that the next try would be THE
time he finally he decided he loved it and wouldn't need me to pick
him up because I was half naked and had no makeup on.

*While stumbling around in the dark at four a.m. I stubbed my toe and
bit out a hushed "Son of a...crapper!" and then giggled quietly at my
inventive new curse.

*When my son told me he had no clean underwear, I told him just to put
on some from the dirty laundry hamper. It was either that or tell him
to go commando, but you give him an inch and he takes a mile.

*It was my two-year-old's birthday yesterday and we did nothing
because this is the last year we can get away with that. He got a
popsicle for dessert and in his world, it was a VERY good day. (Don't
worry, we are having a family party at Grandma's on Sunday.)

*My seven-year-old made breakfast for himself and his brothers this
morning. Eggos with lots of syrup. I didn't even go check on them once
because frankly, I was excited he was doing it and if they were making
a ginormous mess or doing the backstroke in syrup, I just didn't want
to know.

*I havn't changed the sheets on my sons' beds since I had the baby. I
think my Mother-in-law did it once back in May... probably should
check on that.

**While looking through pictures on my computer I saw what appeared to
be a hospital scene right after a baby's birth. I frowned and thought
to myself "did I go to someone's birth? Who had a baby?" and then
realized it was MY son' birth from two months ago. Duh.

** I bought a 4-dollar drink at Starbucks and paid with a hundred
dollar bill. Sorry, gotta break that sucker somewhere right? And it's
STARBUCKS, those guys make a fortune on mediocre coffee. Suck it up.

**I'm still wearing maternity clothes because they make me feel
skinny... oh yeah, and none of my regular clothes fit.

**My husband was out of town this week and I stayed up till after
midnight... twice. Why you say? Because he wasn't home to make me go
to bed! Yes, I'm grumpy. No, I'm not sorry I did it, when else am I
gonna read?

**I spent half an hour watching you tube videos about the making of
New Moon and a video trailer for a paranormal book that I have been
waiting for. I wasn't embarrassed about it until I just wrote that.


  1. 4 boys including a new baby. How do you do it? I'm amazed you ever sleep. Great post. Every new mom in the world knows what you are talking about.

  2. Oh Kira, this is why we love you....we all do these quirky little things... but you put it right out there :) Nice job, mom's everywhere salute you!!!

  3. Hi Kira

    Would love to hear your comments about tonight's So You Think You Can Dance. Who do you think will go home?


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