Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bittersweet So You Think You Can Dance

Really loved the top 100 episode tonight, mostly because it was so fun to see dancers from the past seasons. How cool was that to have Wayde Robson dance his own choreography in Rama-Lama? I've never seen a choreographer do that (well, if you don't count Melanie when she had to dance with Pascha because Jessie got sick and couldn't do the routine, but that was extenuating circumstances). I sometimes forget that all these choreographers started out as dancers and they have to be able to do all the things they are expecting of the dancers. Wayde was awesome.

However, I'm totally bummed about Jason and Janette. She was just a little spitfire and so very talented. She could have gone all the way. And who picked Evan over Jason? Seriously people. This is what happens when I go to bed instead of voting (first time this season). Grrrr. I can't really complain because I didn't vote, right? Yes I can. That sucks.

Oh well, here's the best routine of the week, for obvious reasons. Made especially meaningful when I think about my brave Auntie J.

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