Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two of my Favorite Things

Say Hello to my Little Friend: the Kindle!
Yes, I am a technology geek. I love the fact that this little device is the future of reading and holds up to 1500 books at one time, has wireless connectivity so I can browse for and download books from anywhere, and also looks like something from Star Trek. Jarrod really spoiled me for my birthday this year-- its almost embarrasing. Almost.

My other obsession? A mason jar of ice water with a big slice of lemon. I cannot get enough of it, I dream about it. Yes, definitely a pregnancy craving (one I also had with Rowan). The fun part is after drinking all the water, you are left with lemon-flavored ice that is just the perfect consistency for munching. Mmmmmmm. I've been buying lemons by the Costco-bag-full. And it's low in calories ;)

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